Complaint processing at Auer Signal

As a manufacturing company, we pay close attention to the use and handling of our resources. Should the rare case of a defect or error occur in your Auer Signal product, defective devices will be checked by our in-house production and engineering department and repaired as a matter of priority. It is our special concern to repair products and only replace irreparable products with new devices.


How does the complaint process work for a defective product?

Please distinguish the procedure for a complaint according to whether you are a contractual partner of Auer Signal or have purchased the product from one of our contractual partners.


You are not a contractual partner

In the event of a complaint, please contact the contractual partner through whom you purchased our product. This partner will contact us directly and start the complaint process.


You are a contractual partner of Auer Signal

Please send a detailed description of the complaint to our Customer Service ( If possible, also attach a photo and/or video of the defect described. Then send the defective device back to us. The customer bears the shipping costs for the return.

As soon as the product arrives at our headquarters, we initiate the complaint process internally and specify the procedure individually per case. Our in-house production and engineering department will inspect the device for the damage.

In case of repairable damage, the device will be repaired by our technicians and then returned to you. The costs for returning the product will be covered by Auer Signal GmbH. If the damage occurs within the legal warranty (12 months) or our manufacturer's warranty (24 months), the device will be repaired free of charge. Repairs that fall outside the legal warranty or the manufacturer's warranty will be invoiced in consultation with the purchaser.

If the signaling device is irreparable and shows the damage during the warranty or guarantee, you will be provided with a replacement device free of charge. Devices that are not repairable and are defective after the expiration of the warranty or guarantee will be scrapped free of charge by Auer Signal upon request.

You can find more information about the warranty in our GTC.

Throughout the entire complaint process, you will be informed by our Customer Service about the status of the complaint and the procedure.


ISO certified since 1999

A key component of ISO 9001 certification includes customer satisfaction, which is determined, among other things, by the number of complaints as well as the duration of processing. Auer Signal has been ISO 9001 certified continuously since 1999. For more than 20 years we have been working on the optimization, further development and improvement of our processes. Long-term partnerships and satisfied customers confirm our daily actions.


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