Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this area you will find answers, tips and information to frequently asked questions about our products and our service. If you have a request that is not answered here or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

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Questions about Auer Signal products

Where can I find the light intensity or volume of a product?

Information on the maximum light or volume of a product series can be found directly on the respective product page.


Is it possible to adjust the volume of audible signaling devices?

For information on setting tones and volume, refer to the installation instructions of the audible signaling devices - directly on the respective product page.


Can I configure products?

Yes! You can configure your product directly on the individual product pages. Select in the right navigation bar e.g., color, nominal voltage and base. If you have made all necessary configurations, one or more article numbers will appear under the selection fields. You can add these to your bookmarks by clicking the "Add to bookmarks" button. You can find out more about the bookmarks here.

The configuration of signal towers is a bit more complex, therefore you will find them on separate pages. You can access the signal tower configurators via the product page of the signal tower by clicking on the button "Go to configurator". Use the following links to go directly to the signal tower configurator you are looking for:


Where can I find information about products that ar no longer available?

For questions about products that are no longer in the range, please contact our Customer Service at directly. Of course, we also provide documents such as assembly instructions and data sheets for discontinued products.


Where can I find information on replacement products?

We are already working to provide you with the information on the website, until then our Customer Service ( will be happy to help you find the right replacement product.


Are there any spare parts? If so, how can I order them?

For some products we offer spare parts like domes or gaskets. If you need such a spare part, please contact the Customer Service ( directly.

Questions about information material & downloads

Where can I find 3D files/ CAD data/ STEP files of the products?

You can find the 3D models of our products both directly on the product page and under Downloads. If the STEP file you are looking for is not on the website, please do not hesitate to send us a request via the contact form.

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Where can I find certificates for the products?

The CE and UKCA declarations of conformity can be found on the product page of the respective model. All other certificates like ATEX, EC-Type Certificate, ISO Certificate, RoHS, UL Certificates, REACH Certificate, Conflict Minerals and Client Test Data Program (CTDP) can be found under Certifications.


Is there a current catalog or folder for individual product series?

You can find the current product portfolio on the website. In addition, the currently valid brochure is available for download at the individual products. Use the bookmarks to compile your own catalog. General folders and catalogs can be found in the Downloads section.


Where can I find the customs code of an individual product?

Customs code signaling devices:       8531 8070
Customs code accessories for signaling devices: 8531 9000
Customs code telephones: 8517 1800
Customs code accessories for telephones:  8517 7000

Questions about offers, prices & delivery times 

What are bookmarks?

You can use the bookmarks to save configured products. In your individually created bookmarks, you will find information about the saved products, such as the article number, article description and the configured specification, e.g., 24 V DC, red. You can adjust the quantity directly in the bookmarks or access the stored files, such as individual brochures, assembly instructions or declarations of conformity. Under the last product in the bookmarks, you will find a summary of the individual files. For example, if you click on "Bookmark catalogues", a catalog is automatically created that contains all the products you have saved.

The bookmarks can also be printed and sent. Via the button "send to me", you will receive the bookmarks by e-mail. You can also open it again in your browser at a later time (up to 6 months) via the e-mail. Via the button "send request" you can send your bookmarks directly to us: ask for a quote for the items you have configured or ask a question about a specific item.

The following video illustrates the functions of the bookmarks:


Who can be contacted for an offer?

Please feel free to send us an inquiry for the articles stored in your bookmarks via the button "Send request" or request an offer via the contact form without compiling bookmarks beforehand. You can also access the contact form from any product page by clicking on "Contact sales" in the right-hand navigation bar.


What is the delivery time for standard products?

For standard products in stock, we guarantee a delivery time of max. 8 days Ex Works upon receipt of the order. For non-stock standard products, the delivery time may increase to max. 15 days Ex Works upon receipt of the order. If the delivery time differs, you will be informed in time by our Customer Service.


What is the delivery time for project orders?

For project-related orders, your responsible Sales Manager or Customer Service will inform you of an individual delivery time, depending on the product and the required quantity.


Does Auer Signal offer discounts?

Yes, depending on the business relationship and the sales volume, we will be happy to grant you a discount. Your responsible Sales Manager or our Customer Service can provide you with information about the possibilities or your currently valid discount.


How does the claim procedure work?

Please distinguish the procedure for a claim according to whether you are a contractual partner of Auer Signal or have purchased the product from one of our contractual partners.

You are a contractual partner of Auer Signal: Please send a detailed description of the complaint to our Customer Service ( If possible, also attach a photo and/or video of the described defect. We will initiate the complaint process internally accordingly.

You are not a contractual partner: In the event of a complaint, please contact the contractual partner through whom you purchased our product. This partner will contact us directly and start the complaint process.

Learn more about the complaint process at Auer Signal


Where can I find the GTC's?

You can find the valid GTC's here.